Saturday, August 9, 2014

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Title: Switched (Trylle #1)
Author: Amanda Hocking
My Edition: Paperback; 318 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
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Switched, follows a girl named Wendy, whose mother accuses she as a monster and tries to kill her on her sixth birthday. As she grows, she gets a feeling that maybe her mother is right. Everything changes and she discovers her real identity after meeting this badass, hot, mysterious guy named Finn. Her journey begins and more dangers encounter as she discovers her true self.

I have to admit, Switched has got one of the best first lines I've ever seen so far. It immediately caught my attention, aroused my curiosity, and got me aching to know what would happen next.

The concept of this story is so unique, I bet you'll all go "whattttt?" when you discover the real identity of the Trylle. Well, at least I did. Miss Hocking did a great job at the beginning, in which the story goes really smoothly and successfully kept me entertained. However, I think the middle of the story is a bit dull, I expected more exciting things would happen after Wendy arrives the land where is her "home", but nothing really happens, so I was a bit disappointed. At the end, where the climax takes place, it's fast and sudden and I think it ends kind of hastily. 

As for the characters, I can't say I like them or not for now, mainly because I don't really connect with them YET. But since the ending is kind of unexpected, I'm definitely going to continue with the trilogy; and I can't wait to know what happens next!

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